Fallfish Tenkara

2013 I was living in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States of America, when I stumbled upon a method of fishing called tenkara. I immediately fell in love with this style of fishing...

In the Mid-Atlantic one of the most prevalent fresh water fish is the Fallfish and I caught a lot of them with my tenkara rod. Many anglers considered the Fallfish a trash fish. I did not share that sentiment...

In 2014 I moved to Japan and I started a blog about my fishing exploits in the Land of the Rising Sun. I named it Fallfish Tenkara. The site grew every year and became more and more polished. I commissioned a logo, wrote articles for tenkara publications, and even gave video presentations at tenkara events around the world.

Now there are nearly 140 pages chronicling my adventures in Japan within the confines of Fallfish Tenkara. The whole site is dedicated to my adventures in Japan.

So, go check it out by clicking the logo below.