Chanterelle Adventure

After a pleasant, yet jam packed, with yard work, 4th of July weekend I was itching to catch some fish...

Have kayak, will travel

For the past month or two I have been dreaming about buying a kayak and using it to access water that had proven to be out of reach by foot. Well last week I found a really good deal for one on Craigslist and took the plunge...

The White Mountains

Back in March of 2022 I skied, for four days in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It was an epic trip and I got a small taste of what these mountains could offer in terms of fishing in the spring or summer. I knew I had to come back. Well I did come back in August of 2022 and I spent three wonderful days exploring the headwater streams of the White Mountains.

Mycologist in the making

Ever since my days of fishing in Japan I have been enamored with mushrooms. Then I moved to New England and mycology transitioned from interest to obsession.