Pat Metheny

I compiled this playlist of Pat Metheny music and I listen to it at least twice a week. The first song my son ever heard was "The Truth Will Alway Be" the long crescendo is phenomenal to listen to whether it is your first time or your millionth time hearing the song. I love this song so much I want it played at my funeral.

"To The End of the World" is another one of my favorites and also one of his longest recorded songs to boot.

Back in 2018 my brother and I got to see Pat Metheny play live in Portland Oregon. It was hands down the best concert I have ever been too!

Pat Metheny's in our seats

My youngest brother and I psyched for the concert to start - do not mind the creepy dude in the background 🤣

Pat Metheny's the stage

A whiskey or two to start off the night

Pat Metheny's tour bus selfie

The required tour bus selfie before the show started

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