I posted a collage of photos to Instagram this evening (1/17/2022) all about Koselig.

I was inspired by two articles that I wanted to share here. The first was written in "The Atlantic". It is an older article that was first published in 2015 (a simpler time for sure...) but I only just recently discovered it because well I did not really need to think about cold gray winters in San Diego California... Here is the Link


Yesterday all the lakes, bogs, and puddles were frozen. Then a warm storm blew in and the ice sunk, which I thought was pretty cool looking...

The second article can be found here.

There now I feel a lot better. As a writer I would seriously dislike someone stealing my words and claiming them as my own. I quoted the second article in my Instagram post and since you cannot put links in posts I decided the next best thing to do was blog about it...


This small brook by my house is almost completely frozen solid. Pretty wild!