Lakes and Streams

Today I am experiencing my first sleet storm. It is pretty gnarly out there. I woke up expecting the predicted 4-6 inches of snow (perhaps enough for a lap or two on my favorite trail with my skis). Instead there was an eighth of an inch of snow and thinning fast from the 33° rain.

A little snow cannot dampen my new found love for New England though. It offered a perfect opportunity to curl up with my tea and bang out the final touches on a video I have been working on in my mind for the last few months.


Earlier this week, when it was 65° I went for a mountain bike ride and discovered a stream perfect for tenkara.

On my other channel I have 30+ videos mixed to a sound track. For this video though I felt it was better to highlight the natural soundtrack. Listen closely and you will hear the silence of nature. The video was shot over the course of several months and numerous trips into the wild places of Connecticut.

Having recently moved from here from San Diego my soul has come alive at the prospect of so much to explore. The trails, rivers, ponds, and lakes seem endless - and if they ever do run out here I have other states to explore within a one to two hour drive as well.

So, without further ado I present "Lakes and Streams"